A resource for communications professionals exploring the continuing evolution of business communications, based upon the alignment of creativity, credibility and control in the 21st century global workplace.

Today's communicators are walking a fine line between high tech and high touch in a communications environment that is becoming increasingly global, integrated and steeped in more and more concepts from change management, negotiation, social psychology and political influence.  Yet at the same time, they must also retain the creativity and skills to engage people across an ever-expanding array of communications platforms. 

As a hiring manager, leader and individual contributor in a wide range of marketing and communications roles over the past twenty years, I've seen the expectations of the communicator's role change from that of specialist to generalist to business driver. Today, leading-edge communicators are at turns artists and scientists, crafting the perfect words, images or other media and pairing them with state-of-the-art delivery technologies, measurement techniques, and the latest research insights.

This site is about and for communicators looking to stay at that leading edge, striking the balance between artist and scientist, and maximizing the synergies of creativity and control. All views expressed in this blog, my twitter feed and resources promoted on this site are exclusively my own and do not reflect the policies, perspectives, philosophies recommendations or services of any of my employers or their leadership teams past or present.

About Jeff

I'm a senior communications leader highly experienced in driving change, developing communicators and communications teams, and advising C-suite executives on best practices in internal communications, change management, social media and external communications. I'm passionate about bringing scientific approaches into areas of the communications and PR world that many have deemed to be strictly creative - and prove that we can achieve real, measurable business results.  At the same time you'll find me arguing for pursuit of creativity in communications in our increasingly visual, interactive and time-constrained world as the only viable way to capture attention, engage, and change behavior. I currently work as a change management and communications consultant, and am seeking either contract or full time assignments to help you with your strategic communications needs.

Over the past twenty years, I have been fortunate enough to work with, in some cases manage, and always learn from an exceptional group of professionals. This site and blog are dedicated to sharing what I've learned from them, putting forward some of my own insights, and making the case that the future of business communications is both art and science.

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