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Disintermediation: Applying science to art

To some extent, this is a blog post about a blog post. But it’s also about a larger concept that has relevance to both communicators and other professionals who are experts in fields that rely upon being highly skilled in human interaction.

The blog post is a very short one, written by Ari Meisel on his ‘Less Doing, More Living’ blog. It outlines a very simple process by which he, a small business owner, has created a mostly-automated, high-quality way to screen and hire applicants for roles at his company. Take a few minutes to read the blog post now.

The greater concept Ari is leveraging here beyond simple automation of some tasks, which he is insanely good at doing, is called disintermediation (link goes to the Wikipedia definition). Whether you realize it or not, your job has been in danger of disappearing due to disintermediation since the dawn of the information age. For a long time, marketers, HR professionals, and communicators have told themselves that the ‘art’ portion of their profession would insulate them from automation, optimization, outsourcing, and other corporate cost-cutting solutions that rely on technology.

If you still think that way, it’s time to get acquainted with disintermediation. In non-economic terms, think of it as cutting out the middle-person.

Oh, and by the way, that middle person is probably you.

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